About Us

European Legal Office OÜ is an enterprise based on Estonian funds. It was established in 2011 in Tallinn. The main functions of the company are offering legal assistance and international debt collection services in Estonia. In addition to the formerly named services we are also competent in solving both cognovit as well as forensic receivable claims. Our services are also used by non-resident enterprises. Our services are available in Estonian, Russian and English.

Our main aim is to develop into a big, dependable and easily accessible partner in the matters of law, imbursement and credit management.

We achieve our goals by emphasizing the importance of employing highly professional specialists and offering them regular training. The employees of European Legal Office consistently attend supplementary courses and work on enhancing their professional skills. The fundamental reasons for the success of European Legal Office are the high quality of the offered services, confidentiality and discreetness, long-term client relations, stable and motivation-based teamwork and extensive experiences.

Our team consist of excellent lawyers and specialists, whose professional experiences date from 1999.

Looking forward to a successful cooperation

Member of the Board

Stanislav Vammus