Need a lawyer? Representation in court or other institutions? Or establish a copmany in EU?

We will do it!


European Legal Office OÜ provides high quality legal advice in the following fields:


Business law
Foundation of companies, registering the economic affairs and acquiring the necessary licences. Establishing companies within the Baltic States or other EU countries, forming the governing bodies of the companies and recalling, compiling the partnership and joint enterprise contracts, shareholder and stakeholder contracts, establishment and risk capital contracts. In addition we offer consultation, compilation of contracts of strategic associations, sale of enterprises and main assets, uniting and purchasing, financing and licence contracts. Representation in court.


Labour law
Representation in grievance committee and court. Compilation of employment, collective and consultant contracts, employment regulation and job descriptions, termination of employment relations, coordinating employment relations in case of enterprises uniting.


Law of obligations
Compilation of the confiscation, insurance and travel contract projects. Representation in negotiation meetings between partners and possible or existing clients. Solving cognovit and forensic arguments.


Property law
Consultations in the fields of movable and immovable property, possession, housing development rights, servitude and deposit rights. Compilation of legal agreement projects, analysis and defence. Consultations about completing legal transactions, representation in court.


Inheritance law
Consultation about compiling the inheritance contracts and wills, accepting and declining the inheritance, dividing the inheritance between inheritors, inventory of the inheritance, depositing of the inheritance.


Bankruptcy law
Representation in bankruptcy proceedings, restructuring of the debts, reforming business enterprises, sanitation.


Legal audit
Establishing the risks of contract projects, eliminating the risks and providing practical recommendations.


Claiming forensic debts
Representation in court in lawsuit procedures.


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