A company registered abroad has not paid the bill?

We will help you bring the money home on reasonable conditions!


European Legal Office has a large network of partners all over the world. We have succeeded in securing a high quality service
on an international level with the same conditions as on the Estonian market for our clients. We take in the mandates
and will handle the claims without requiring advanced payment – we are concentrated on fulfilling the client’s wishes.
If we fail to produce the sum from the debtor during the cognovit claim process, we shall cover the expenses of the procedures


Claiming the debts will take place in the country of residence of the debtor and the process will be completed by our partners,
who are mainly lawyers and acknowledged advocates. The procedures will be carried out based on long-term practice and
in accordance with the local legislation.


What is the service charge for claiming debts in foreign countries?


Due to our credibility and successful cooperation with our partners, we are able to offer international collection services
on very fine conditions. Service charges have to be covered by the client only if we have reached a satisfying result,
that being that the money from the debtor has been collected and returned. Service charges depend on the background of
the debtor and the professional assessment of our partner, which is compiled of the credit history of the debtor and
other information sources. The formality of the documents that the claim is based on has an equally important role.


The service charge for international claims is 8 – 40% from the returned
sums. The 20% VAT effective in Estonia will be added to that.
NB! In case of international claims you can for an extra charge among other things obtain
documents about the credit history.


If the result of the cognovit claim is for some reason negative, it is possible to continue the claim in the form of a lawsuit.
The expenses of the lawsuit depend on the amount of state fees in the country of residence of the debtor. In order to
hear the court offer call +372 58559999 or send an email info@eruopean-legal-office.eu.


Why choose us as your collaboration partners?


Our terms of collaboration are customer friendly, flexible and correspond to the clients expectations. We act professionally
and operatively and guarantee constant updated information about the completed procedures and results. Just call the
contact person to gather the necessary information.