Claims for us – money for you!

We will buy your single claim or debt portfolio.


We buy both single claims and debt portfolios from private persons and companies. The purchase and sale of debt claims is quick and easy. First, we will examine the documents underlying your claim, and then we will make our offer. If you find our offer suitable, we will make the respective agreements, sign them and transfer the purchase amount of the claim(s) to your current account. This transaction improves the liquidity of your business, avoids endless struggle with the debtor and you will receive the money instantly. 


Why sell?

  • You will receive the money instantly
  • You will relieve the risks related to the collection of the debt
  • You will improve your liquidity
  • It will eliminate the cost of managing and administering claims
  • You can redirect the resources used for the management of debt claims to the principal activity of the company
  • You can invest the received money in business activities, pay wages, train staff or simply go on holiday

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